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NEW PET/CT Registered with National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR)



June 20, 2006


Tower has new edge in Cancer Fight


Federal government to offer special assistance


TAMPA, FL Tower Diagnostic, owned and operated by Tampa Bay radiologists, has added a new weapon to their arsenal in the war on cancer: the Biograph™ Diagnostic Imaging System. The state-of-the-art technology couples the premier technology of positron emission tomography with computed tomography (known as PET/CT) to give physicians the chance to see patient’s tissues and life processes as it relates to the detection of cancer.


Until recently, only a limited amount of cancers were subsidized by the government for Medicare patients.


Now, on the heels of their registration into the National Oncologic PET Registry (NOPR), Tower can offer PET/CT scans to Medicare patients for previously non-covered types of cancer.


“We’re honored to be one of only a handful of diagnostic imaging facilities in Tampa Bay to be registered for this program,” said Larry Smith, CEO of Tower Imaging, Inc.


The purpose of the NOPR is to examine how the use of PET scans impacts the management of patients with suspected cancer or known cancer.


“As medical practitioners who work in early detection of cancer, this is a unique opportunity for Medicare patients to have a PET/CT procedure that would normally have not been reimbursed by Medicare,” said Dr. Hemant D. Chheda, Nuclear Medicine Director for Tower Diagnostic.


The Biograph™ procedure utilizes advanced PET/CT technology in which the patient is given a small amount of radioactive glucose that is absorbed in the body and emits positrons, or positive electrons. As the positrons encounter electrons within the body, a reaction occurs which produces gamma rays detected by the PET scanner. The examination is done is less than one hour.


The benefits to the patient are obvious: earlier diagnosis, accurate staging and localization, precise treatment and patient monitoring. It’s no wonder TIME Magazine named it one of the Inventions of the Year.


Tower Diagnostic is one of the area’s most respected diagnostic imaging organizations offering PET scanning services since 2000. With the addition of the Biograph™ (PET/CT Scanner), and their participation in the NOPR, Tower’s patients are ensured the highest quality services and cost-effective care.


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Frank Connelly                                                                                       

Tower Diagnostic                                                                                   

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