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Nuclear Medicine Now at Tower Radiology Center - Wesley Chapel

Nuclear Medicine Now at


Tower Radiology Center - Wesley Chapel



March 8, 2011




Tower Radiology Centers is proud to announce that they have expanded their Nuclear Medicine services to their Wesley Chapel location. Nuclear Medicine is a branch of radiology that studies more about organ function and less about anatomy. This requires expertise in evaluating the structure and function of an organ, tissue, bone, or systems of the body using a specialized camera. Nuclear Medicine uses very small amounts of radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive material) to diagnose and treat disease. These procedures are noninvasive and can also offer therapeutic services to treat cancer and other medical conditions affecting the thyroid gland.



The Nuclear Medicine services offered at the Wesley Chapel location are:

         Biliary (HIDA)

         Bone Scans  - 3-phase and 3-phase with SPECT

                          - Limited and limited with SPECT

                          - Whole body and whole body with SPECT

         Gastric Emptying

         Liver SPECT (hemangioma)

         Liver Spleen

         Meckel's Scan



         Renal Scans - MAG3

                          - Lasix

                                      - DMSA

         Thyroid Uptake and Scan

         Whole Body 131-I Scans (thyroid cancer)



Tower Radiology Center, Wesley Chapel, also offers other imaging services such as, High-Field MRI / MR Angiography, High-Resolution CT / CT Angiography, Digital Mammography, Bone Density, Walk-in Digital X-ray, and General, Breast, and Vascular Ultrasound Exams. 


For more information please contact:

Marketing (813) 253-2721


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