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Tower Radiology Centers - Redefining Liver Imaging with EOVIST MRI Contrast

Tower Radiology Centers Redefining Liver Imaging


with EOVIST® MRI Contrast



For Immediate Release April 19, 2011


Tower Radiology is committed to providing patients with the most advanced products on the market to ensure only the best quality in diagnostic imaging. The latest addition to this list of innovative products is EOVIST® injection-enhanced MRI contrast the first and only gadolinium-based MRI contrast agent approved by the FDA for the detection and characterization of known or suspected focal liver lesions in adults. In clinical trials, as compared to pre-contrast MRI, EOVIST® improved lesion detection, benign versus malignant lesion classification, diagnostic confidence, and diagnostic accuracy.


More and smaller lesions have been detected with EOVIST®. There has been a significant improvement in detection of additional metastases and hepatocellular carcinomas, while also detecting 12% more small metastases (<1 cm in diameter). (1)(2)


“Hepatocyte phase imaging with EOVIST® allows for significantly higher detection of liver metastases with high confidence, especially for lesions smaller than 1 cm in diameter as compared to pre-contrast MRI.”

 -Huppertz A, Balzer T Blakeborough A, Radiology, 2004

-Zech CJ Herrmann KA, Mag Reson Med Sci. 2007


EOVIST® can also characterize lesions more accurately by demonstrating improved benign versus malignant lesion classification which has improved lesion characterization by 12%. (3)(4)


“The liver-specific phase provides additional information for lesion characterization based on liver-specific uptake in FNHs.”

-Zech, Investigative Radiology, 2008


There has been a significant increase in diagnostic confidence and accuracy when using EOVIST®. There has been an improvement in lesion detection, localization, and characterization (p<0.001). (3) The high diagnostic rating has now risen to 92% versus 62% of lesions characterized. (4)


“In a clinical study of 131 patients previously scheduled for surgery, EOVIST®-enhanced MRI led to a change in surgical therapy in 13.0% of cases versus 6.9% for pre-contrast MRI.”

-Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals



If you would like to discuss EOVIST® and it’s applications, please call our marketing department at (813) 253-2721 extension 671 or email us at

To schedule your next MRI with EOVIST, please call (813) 874-3177 




Main Resource: 2011 Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., Wayne, NJ07470. March 2011 123-15-0002-11,

1.   Vogol TJ, Kummel S, Hammerstingl R, Radiology. 1996

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