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Introducing New Mobile PET/CT Services At Bloomingdale Radiology



Introducing New Mobile PET/CT Services


At Bloomingdale Radiology



For Immediate Release May 2, 2011


Bloomingdale Radiology is proud to announce the arrival of our PET/CT scanner. It is expected to significantly benefit both our patients and medical community as an invaluable addition to our wide array of imaging tools. PET/CT facilitates the accurate, non-invasive detection and staging of cancer, as well as neurological disorders. 


The principles of PET/CT are based on the detection of photons emitted from the patient after the intravenous injection of the short-lived glucose radiopharmaceutical. The scanner detects these photons and allows for the reconstruction of a three dimensional image of glucose metabolism in the body. Whole-body PET/CT images can be displayed in transaxial, coronal or sagittal image planes, helping localize normal and abnormal processes. This provides clinicians with tissue biochemistry information that is unobtainable by other imaging modalities. 


The use of PET/CT is invaluable to the detection or staging of these types of cancer: solitary pulmonary nodule, lung cancer staging, head and neck cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer and other tumors. Clinical applications include lung, colorectal, breast, lymphoma, melanoma, and head and neck cancers. Neurological applications include evaluation of seizure disorders and early Alzheimer’s detection.


At Bloomingdale Radiology Center, your patient will receive an interpretation from a dedicated team of Board Certified Radiologists who sub-specialize in Nuclear Medicine/ PET/CT. The Radiologist Team is comprised of Hemant D. Chheda, MD, Marilin F. Espino-Maya, MD, Krishna Nallamshetty, MD, and Enrique J. Urrutia, MD. Bloomingdale Radiology is excited to be able to offer our medical community and patients some of the most advanced technology in diagnostic imaging. Thank you for allowing us to participate in all of your imagining needs. 




To Schedule a PET/CT exam, please call (813) 654-4883.

For more information please call our Marketing Department at (813) 253-2721 x 671 Or email us at


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