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Tower's Team of Dedicated Breast Imaging Radiologists


Shelly P. Baumann, MD

David A. Picca, MD

Miguel H. Del Toro, MD


Katie J. Lester, MD

Todd R. Kumm, MD

JoAnn M. Gierbolini, MD


Breast MRI

A Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a supplemental tool for detecting and staging breast cancer and other breast abnormalities. This procedure should not replace mammography or ultrasound imaging. A physician may order a Breast MRI for the following indications:bmriequip

  • To evaluate abnormalities detected by mammography                                
  • To identifiy early breast cancer
  • A screening tool for patient's who have breast implants or scar tissue
  • To evaluate the progress of chemotherapy
  • To differentiate scar tissue from recurrent tumors
  • To determine how much cancer has spread further in the breast
  • To determine the integrity of breast implants


A Breast MRI at TOWER is performed on a High Field MRI unit for the highest image quality. Once the exam is completed, our board certified sub-specialized Women's Imaging radiologist will interpret your exam. All results will be sent to the ordering physician.

Our team of Board Certified Radiologists who sub-specialize in Women's Imaging include Shelly P. Baumann, M.D., Stephen A. Stenzler, M.D., Miguel H. Del Toro, M.D., Enrique J. Urrutia, M.D., Katie J. Lester, M.D., Todd R. Kumm, M.D., and JoAnn M. Gierbolini, M.D.  It is our mission to provide high quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic services that are professional, convenient, patient, and physician oriented. If your physician has ordered a Breast MRI exam, please contact one of our bilingual scheduling agents at (813) 24-TOWER to reserve an appointment.

Prep Instructions:

Bilateral Diagnostic:
Nothing by mouth 3 hours before exam
No estrogen or hormone replacement therapy (medication for Hot Flashes ONLY) for 4 weeks prior to exam
Continue all other hormones (example: For Chemotherapy, Thyroid Disease, Birth Control, etc...)
Implants (Rupture): Nothing by mouth 3 hours before exam


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