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PET/CT Imaging


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Pet CT

A PET/CT is a revolutionary method for diagnosing many diseases that are normally unseen by conventional imaging. A PET/CT combines the two non-invasive procedures, PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT (Computed Tomography) into one single scan. The PET scan reveals potential diseases, like cancer, at the biological level. The CT scan reveals three-dimensional images of your anatomy by using a combination of X-rays and computers. The result is an extremely accurate exam that allows your physician to diagnose a problem by locating a tumor or diseased area with unparalleled specificity. A PET/CT exam can further assist your physician by predicting the likely result of various treatment options. Some insurance companies are reimbursing for a PET/CT procedure, including Medicare.

A PET/CT works by revealing changes in your body's chemistry. In cancer, these changes can occur before a mass or tumor starts to organize and form. Before the exam, patients are given a small amount of radioactive glucose. About an hour later, when the scan begins, the PET/CT exam will reveal where the glucose has been metabolized, indicating the function and malignant potential of cancer cells, or lesions. In most cases, the PET/CT exam can identify cancer cells before they become a tumor. In a single PET/CT scan, your physician may be able to determine:

  • If a mass is malignant or benign
  • If treatment is effective or needs modifying
  • If there are more tumors unseen by conventional imaging

A PET/CT can assist your physician in the early diagnosis of disease and neurological problems like:

Lung Cancer


Head & Neck Cancer

Colon Cancers


Breast Cancer Alzheimer's Disease Brain Tumors Skin Cancer Lymphoma

Tower Diagnostic Center is proud to offer you our PET/CT services at our Habana location within Hillsborough County. We have Hemant Chheda, M.D.(Nuclear Medicine Medical Director), American Board Nuclear Medicine, Marilin F. Espino-Maya, American Board of Radiology and American Board of Nuclear Medicine, and Enrique J. Urrutia, M.D. American Board of Radiology and American Board of Nuclear Medicine who are involved in interpretating our PET/CT and nuclear exams.

Prep Instructions:

Bring all recent X-ray, CT, and MRI scans for comparison
Do not eat or drink, except plain water, for 4-6 hours before the scan
No coffee, no gum and no mints
Do not exercise 48 hours before your exam
Diabetic patients will need to keep their blood sugar level below 150


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