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Ultrasound (Sonography) is a procedure that utilizes high frequency sound waves to view internal organs. Due to the fact the reflected sound waves are recorded in real time, an ultrasound exam can visualize blood flow as well. No radiation is involved with this exam.

Prep Instructions:
Abdomen: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Liver: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Gall Bladder: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Right Upper Quadrant: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Pancreas: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Aorta: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
SMA: Nothing by mouth after midnight.
Pelvic: Full bladder, 32 ounces 1 hour prior to exam.
Pelvic w/trans vaginal: Full bladder.
OB: Full bladder.
Sonohystero: Contact facility for instruction.

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